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According to many journalists and artists, he is one of the best songwriters in Germany. His art opposes clichés that want to put him in a box and refuses to rely on tacky jokes. Maurenbrecher shows other strengths: He is untamed, spontaneous, filled with intensity, emotions and authenticity. Maurenbrecher is unique because every line he sings, plays, or reads is showing his true beliefs. He has toured with various German national recording artists and writes songs for Herman Van Veen, Ulla Meinecke or Veronika Fischer. In 1991 he received the German Art Award (Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis). Manfred performed at the 2003 German-American Song Festival on Tour (DAFT-Tour) and performed in May 2005 at the German Consulate General and the Lower East Side Festival of the Arts in New York City. In 2005, Manfred received the ‘Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik’ (German Record Critique Award) for his album “Ende der Nacht” (“End of the Night”). His latest production - released in September 2009 - is called “Hoffnung Für Alle” (“Hope For Everyone”).

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>True belief in songwriting – his motto is: No wrong notes, just wrong ears< (Folker! Magazine 04.03/2003) and >Stories of an melancholic optimist< (Folker! Magazine 03.08/2008) ==> (search for 'Maurenbrecher')
"For almost 30 years I write prose, radio dramas and screenplays for TV shows but most of all – songs. Some of them rhyme others are little stories that I tell illustrated by my piano play. Some of them feature memorable melodies others build upon an arrangement of blues chords or upon those romantic note progressions that ennoble and darken everything told just a bit. The music for songs emerges from somewhere, quick and emancipated, and I feel that I just need to grab it."

Manfred performing at the 2003 DAFT-Tour in Hannover/Germany
"Playing music, I feel like diving into a big stream of ideas with my hands creating melodies, summoning the imaginativeness of decades bygone. I do not write music down just the words. Sometimes, the lyrics take a long time to evolve until they seem to be felicitous and polished. The older I get, however, the more I like unfinished stories and open ends."
>There are artists who never change and become boring. There are singers that always sing the same stuff and this is annoying. Manfred however is consistent in his art and this is delightful ... Musically with beautiful simplicity that in this country nobody is able to imitate. Good that this Maurenbrecher is around< (Konstantin Wecker – German National Recording Artist – April 2002)
"As a young man I was shy and intimidated by stages. Now, growing older I become more and more daring and want to play on stage without a distinct program or a narrowing sequence of tunes. I want to rather improvise in free associations – an old tradition of actors and writers in Germany that went through a revival with Rave and Rap music in recent years. I am a good friend of these young people. I consider my lyrics to be literature but I stay away from the arrogance of the academic world. What I do is not elitist work but I mistrust the acquisitiveness of the glamorous pop music world. I want to surprise myself with my work and when successfully done, I can feel the excitement of my audience."

"In my art, I feel related to playwriters and singers, such as Randy Newman, Francois Villon, Bertolt Brecht, Lucio Dalla, Frank Wedekind, George Brassens, Violetta Para, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Juliette Greco, and Hank Williams – just to name a few."
"I do not see a need to categorize my songs. What I have to say unfolds in those stories that I tell. Were it just a headline for a newspaper article then it would be better if I wrote it myself. An essential experience for me is to do things together, not to grind away antagonisms between people, but to help endure the burdens of life. Making music together should be a required class in every school, especially in those where children from different cultures are in the same classroom."
>Manfred Maurenbrecher is one who starts to play a game of imagination with his audience, who in his words jestingly experiments with reality just to put all pieces together anew to craft songs, words and fragments that he didn’t just make up< (Stuttgarter Zeitung, October 2002)