LARRY PATTIS - Acoustic Guitar Master Extraordinaire
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When I saw Larry Pattis perform at Fiddlers Dream Coffeehouse in Phoenix/Arizona in January of 2015 as a member of the American Guitar Masters together with his partners Peter Janson and Steve Davison, I was blown away. While listening, I was taken to another place. Repeatedly, I opened my eyes to confirm that there are only 2 hands playing on only 6 strings.

I can't decide which is the most suitable term to describe Larry's guitar playing ... virtuoso ... extraordinaire ... guitar fingering journey of a special kind ... acoustic filigree ... master+ ... perhaps all of the above.

It is no surprise that Larry has been named one of the "Top 10 Best Acoustic Music Artists of the Decade" by the International Acoustic Music Awards!
El McMeen (March 2015): "I toured the United States with guitarist Larry Pattis for four years, and can enthusiastically recommend him as both an artist and a performer. He has a wonderful, supple touch on the instrument, and an impressive compositional and arrangement ability. His music appeals to both the heart and the head, and he makes the difficult look easy. Perhaps the best tribute to him that I can make is this: even though we did scores of concerts together, I never tired of hearing Larry's music. Never. In addition, Larry's stage presentation to a variety of different types of audiences is stellar. He is a great communicator. Interestingly enough, he is a very humble guy, quick to give credit to other guitarists. Yet he himself is a brilliant musician and has won international acoustic honors. I consider it one of the most fulfilling musical activities of my life to have been able to tour with Larry."

Pierre Bensusan: "Larry Pattis' first album is candid and sincere. The notes come across with clarity, as if he were selecting words or colors to talk to each one of us, individually. We can almost imagine him sitting there contemplating the landscape that he loves and, as we listen, we sit beside him and share this special moment. Each tune is like a private conversation, an invitation to an attractive garden of his. No doubt that his future musical wanderings will be like a morning jog in a field of virgin snow."

Chuck Pyle: "I have listened to the Larry Pattis record, Random Chance, in the sunny joyousness of a breakfast kitchen, making love by candlelight, jogging in the city, trail-busting in the hills behind my house, and best of all, relaxing by the river. It's perfect everywhere and, atmospheric at any level of attention. The one thing that relies on a Greater Power for precision, Pattis' great sense of dynamics, is there HEART!"

Alan Fark (Minor 7th): "Although Pattis establishes his technical prowess on the first tune, it's apparent that he considers composition and mood to be on equal ground with flashy playing, a perfect and exquisite hybrid of neoclassicism and finger style...awash with beauty, mystery and pathos."