Judy Gorman & Manfred Maurenbrecher - LISTEN BETWEEN THE LINES

Watch Judy and Manfred live in New York in 2005 ==>
'Listen Between the Lines' is the theme of a unique German American partnership that offers a rare collaboration in both English and German and combines powerful music with evocative lyrics. With both Judy Gorman from Brooklyn/NY and Manfred Maurenbrecher from Berlin/Germany the concert experience features two exceptional song poets who have shared stage on many occasions since 2005. It offers the best of German and American songwriting as an eclectic mix of avant-garde and contemporary poetry including originals and standards from Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits.

We would like to invite you to attend a special appearance of Judy Gorman from Brooklyn, New York and Manfred Maurenbrecher from Berlin/Germany on Wednesday, May 25 at the German Consulate General, New York at 6 PM at the German House New York, Auditorium, 871 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017, 1st Ave./49th St.

To register, please email us at, subject: "Listen Between the Lines, May 25th" or register by phone: 212-610-9759 (automated RSVP-line) or visit

MAY 28, 2005: The Lower East Side Festival of the Arts - New York City, 6 PM