Andy Glandt - 20 Years with the Banjo on the Road
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Andy is a banjo virtuoso from Germany who promotes and explores American traditional bluegrass music in its unique interpretation across European countries. He is one of the most acclaimed representatives of Bluegrass music in Germany and a highly respected international musician and entertainer.

As a professional musician, Andy sings in more than five languages and his banjo playing style and technique are very unique which appoints him to be an ambassador of Bluegrass music at festivals and workshops.

Andy plays solo but also tours in collaboration with colleagues, such as with Steve Kaufman who repeatedly won the U.S. National Flatpicking Championship. Andy is also engaged in many other music projects, such as the 'Double B' and 'Glandt & Nilson' duo projects.
He also is a member of the Fox Tower Bluegrass Band that won in 1999 the "Best of Texas Award" as best international Bluegrass band. In 2000, the band was invited to showcase at the annual conference of the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA).

Andy has performed in many countries throughout Europe, such as Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, England, Bulgaria, Wales and the Netherlands.

Furthermore, Andy performs repeatedly for children. His very entertaining and interactive way of working with young audiences makes him a musician in demand for schools and summer camps. His repertoire includes an array of styles and moods. Humorous songs are mixed with a variety of international folk tunes.

He has written a book about "Open D-Tuning for Banjo" which addresses a field of banjo playing, which not many Bluegrass musicians have yet explored.

In addition, Andy is the Vice Chairman of the European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA).